Monday, November 23, 2009

My Dear Princess (adopted)

Here is something I made for my niece's birthday ^ ^

I usually don't make my plush too fancy, but since it's for her, so I decide to make her present a little more special than the usual ones. SInce she is our little princess, I made one that is wearing a pretty little dress with a bow on it. I am calling her "Little Evee" ^.^

Lilac scarf, blue gloves, white dress... and looks like she is wearing a pair of pink shoes~ >w<

"The stairs is just next to me! I want to go for an ADVENTURE! "

(Hmm... with that dress of yours? be careful not to dirty it =v=)

I gave her lashes too ^ ^ just to make her look more lady~ :D

Say "bye bye" before you go ^o^/

[Bye Bye Bunny~!]

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